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This table contains Wikidata ID numbers and the corresponding term from each corpus. To see terms from the corpora that were not mapped to Wikidata, click on the links in the headers.

Wikidata ID Chicago Lean 4 Undergrad MuLiMa nLab
Q14481419 0-1 law
Q318737 abelian category abelian category
Q181296 abelian group commutative group commutative group abelian group
Q318598 abelianization abelianization
Q515874 abscissa
Q20827138 absolute continuity of measure
Q332504 absolute continuity absolutely continuous measure
Q332465 absolute convergence absolute convergence
Q120812 absolute value absolute value absolute value (mathematics)
Q91134251 absolutely convergent series
Q844451 acnode
Q32043 addition
Q4681343 additive category additive category
Q357858 adjoint unit (category theory)
Q2858846 adjoint of a linear transformation transpose of a linear map
Q4379157 adjoint representation of a lie algebra
Q1017106 adjoint representation of a lie group adjoint endomorphism adjoint representation
Q225107 adjugate
Q91435997 affine scheme
Q382504 affine span
Q382698 affine subspace affine space (algebraic geometry)
Q382497 algebra homomorphism affine function
Q246506 algebra of subsets
Q1000660 algebra over a field algebra over a commutative ring algebra algebra (ring theory)
Q1047547 algebraically closed field algebraically closed field
Q8366 algorithm algorithm
Q1139334 almost everywhere
Q25377974 almost uniform convergence
Q438814 alternating group alternating group alternating group
Q438842 alternating series alternating series
Q485312 analytic set
Q567083 annihilator of a submodule
Q114326 antiderivative indefinite integral
Q1477053 arzela-Ascoli theorem
Q744960 associative algebra
Q177251 associative associativity
Q4820423 augmentation ideal augmentation ideal
Q60790315 automorphism group
Q782566 automorphism automorphism
Q788009 autonomous differential equation
Q2976036 baire class
Q194397 banach space banach space
Q3459695 banach-mazur game
Q809690 barycenter barycenter barycenter
Q738422 barycentric coordinates
Q4078260 barycentric subdivision
Q4866725 bases
Q810193 basis for abelian group
Q180907 bijective bijective correspondence one-to-one correspondence
Q837924 bilinear form bilinear form
Q164307 binary operation
Q130901 binary relation relation (mathematics)
Q866300 bisection method
Q468391 bolzano-Weierstrass theorem
Q4973304 boolean algebra
Q3058218 borel space measurable space
Q1080067 borel σ-algebra borel subset
Q893496 borel-Cantelli lemma
Q78323465 boundary homomorphism boundary
Q875399 boundary boundary (topology)
Q829653 bounded variation
Q726212 bounded bounded set
Q9299950 brute force method
Q1047307 bundle bundle bundle (mathematics)
Q513028 bézout’s identity
Q3552958 c^r-form smooth manifold
Q273188 cantor set
Q18205845 cartesian category cocartesian monoidal category
Q173740 cartesian product cartesian product
Q2518298 category of sets set (category theory)
Q719395 category category small category
Q217847 cauchy sequence cauchy sequences cauchy sequence
Q622741 cauchy-Riemann conditions cauchy-riemann equation
Q190546 cauchy-Schwarz inequality cauchy–schwarz inequality
Q656772 cayley-Hamilton theorem
Q3139849 cellular homology groups cellular homology
Q1195852 center of a group center (group theory)
Q190629 centralizer of a subset normalizer
Q511093 centroid
Q1143328 chain complex chain complex double complex
Q17004731 chain rule (probability) chain rule (probability)
Q810255 change of basis
Q11210 change of coordinates coordinate system
Q1934165 change of variable
Q11498021 character table
Q822139 characteristic function (probability) characteristic function (probability)
Q836088 characteristic p prime field
Q849705 characteristic polynomial characteristic polynomial characteristic polynomial
Q747027 characteristic subgroup
Q3828144 chart
Q193878 chinese remainder theorem
Q18205969 choquet game
Q105356493 circle group
Q986909 class function class function
Q2138760 class
Q320369 clopen set clopen set
Q4558786 closed edge path loop (topology)
Q644719 closed half-space
Q320357 closed closed set
Q320346 closure closure
Q47007889 cocomplete category cocomplete category
Q1048949 cofibration cofibration cofibration
Q906907 coherent sheaf vector bundle (algebraic geometry)
Q858656 commutative ring
Q165474 commutative
Q522216 commutator subgroup derived series
Q1780743 compact linear transformation compact operator
Q78484790 compact symplectic group
Q381892 compact compactum
Q1738274 compactly generated
Q4370335 complete category complete category finitely complete category
Q848569 complete metric space completion (topology)
Q381040 complex conjugate complex conjugation
Q184871 complex exponential euler’s formula
Q5156554 complex lie group complex lie group
Q11567 complex number real part
Q445569 complexification of a vector space complexification
Q2525646 composition series of a group composition series jordan-hölder theorem
Q327069 conditional probability
Q5159291 conditioning (probability)
Q1635267 cone cone (topology)
Q1353233 conjugacy classes conjugacy classes conjugate subgroup
Q2051983 conjugate transpose conjugate transpose matrix
Q5161408 connected category connected category
Q91050456 connected component
Q230646 connected components
Q230655 connected graph connectedness (graph theory) connected graph
Q1491995 connected path connectedness connected scheme locally path-connected space
Q1319773 consistency internal logic
Q5165409 continuity (mathematics)
Q5165476 continuity (set theory)
Q170058 continuous continuous functions continuous function continuous space
Q856103 contour integral
Q230689 contractible locally contractible space
Q1131116 contracting sequence of sets in a metric space
Q220680 contraction mapping theorem banach fixed-point theorem
Q515173 contraction mapping
Q768656 convergence in measure
Q578985 convergence in probability
Q1211057 convergence (mathematics) convergent series convergence (mathematics)
Q193657 convex set convexity (mathematics) convex space
Q210857 convolution (mathematics)
Q104752 coprime coprime integers
Q66707394 countable set
Q247204 counting measure counting measure
Q331481 cover refinement (topology)
Q332648 covering space universal covering space
Q577705 critical point critical point (mathematics)
Q3754024 critical value
Q178192 cross product cross product
Q161973 curve curve (mathematics)
Q670036 curve length length (mathematics)
Q189061 cw complex cw-pair
Q212130 cycle cyclic permutation
Q245462 cyclic group cyclic group cyclic group cyclic group
Q1051983 cyclotomic polynomials
Q2895824 definable set definable set
Q2141963 deformation retraction neighborhood retract
Q1473607 degree of polynomial degree of a polynomial
Q673444 dense dense subspace
Q451323 derivation
Q29175 derivative differentiation (calculus)
Q109314515 descending central series
Q178546 determinant determinant (mathematics) determinant (mathematics)
Q1208191 diagonalization
Q1058314 diffeomorphism diffeomorphisms diffeomorphism group
Q783507 differentiable functions differentiable function differentiable map
Q636889 differentiable total derivative
Q1047080 differential k-form differential form
Q929302 dimension of vector space finite-dimensional vector space
Q385599 dirac comb
Q2725924 direct product of groups direct product (group theory)
Q5282259 direct sum (topology) disjoint union (topology)
Q13582243 direct sum of group representations direct sum
Q1142861 direct sum of modules complementary subspaces direct sum of banach spaces
Q383851 directional derivative directional derivative directional derivative
Q1217467 dirichlet theorem
Q1228851 discrete category discrete category
Q91267214 discrete topology
Q865811 distribution (mathematics) distribution distribution (mathematics)
Q564835 distribution (differential geometry) distribution (differential geometry)
Q200726 distribution (probability) probability distribution
Q1782332 divisible group divisible group
Q1231309 division algebra division algebra
Q1226939 division in a ring division (mathematics)
Q650741 division ring skewfield
Q1067156 dominated convergence theorem
Q2297777 dual basis dual basis
Q3427408 dual representation of a lie algebra
Q752487 dual space dual space duality (linear algebra)
Q2742711 eccentricity (graph theory) radius (graph theory)
Q104486 eccentricity (mathematics)
Q1415372 edge path path (graph theory)
Q3553768 eigenvalue eigenvalue
Q190524 eigenvector eigenvector
Q3555174 eigenvector eigenvector
Q1057416 eisenstein’s criterion
Q1017231 elementary abelian p-group
Q609566 elementary matrix elementary row operations
Q1333611 embedded m-dimensional manifold with boundary
Q980509 embedding embedding embedding (topology)
Q226183 empty set empty subset
Q1340800 endomorphism endomorphism
Q215084 entire analytic function
Q1347208 epimorphism strong epimorphism
Q1211071 equivalence class quotient set
Q130998 equivalence relation identification (mathematics)
Q256355 equivariant map intertwiner
Q1969054 essentially bounded essential supremum
Q230848 euclidean algorithm
Q867345 euclidean domain euclidean ring
Q181365 euclidean inner product
Q852973 euler characteristic of a graph euler number (topology)
Q190026 euler’s totient function euler’s totient function
Q13366104 even number
Q1297532 events
Q1326955 exact sequence exact sequence
Q32998717 exponent of a finite group
Q4391173 exponential (category theory) power object
Q582659 exponential law
Q1196652 exterior algebra exterior algebra
Q13408581 exterior power of linear transformation
Q1322786 exterior exterior (topology)
Q1385465 extreme point
Q623950 fast Fourier transform
Q1068118 fatou’s lemma
Q571154 fejer theorem
Q16897605 fiber translation functor fiber functor
Q1640811 fiber fibre fiber (algebraic geometry)
Q493941 fibration fibration serre fibration
Q190109 field field field theory (mathematics)
Q1201101 fields
Q5448799 filled julia set
Q603880 finite fields finite field finite field
Q1057968 finite group finite group
Q1761084 finite length r-module
Q272404 finite set finite set
Q2835968 finitely generated algebra finitely generated algebra
Q1340572 finitely generated r-module finitely generated module
Q3568 focus (mathematics)
Q179467 fourier series
Q6520159 fourier transform fourier transform
Q176244 frattini subgroup
Q5500180 free algebra
Q431078 free group free group
Q1292333 free module free module free module
Q1149022 fubini’s theorem fubini theorem
Q579600 functional functional (mathematics)
Q864475 functor functor multifunctor
Q192760 fundamental Theorem of Algebra fundamental theorem of algebra
Q662830 fundamental group fundamental groupoid
Q85174068 fundamental groupoid
Q4944906 gale-stewart game
Q730384 galois group galois group
Q15079592 game
Q1069090 gauss-Seidel
Q2658 gaussian elimination gaussian elimination
Q724975 gaussian integers
Q17521172 general linear algebra
Q524607 general linear group general linear group stable general linear group
Q25106477 generate an r-module
Q734209 generating set of a group
Q1306887 geometric series geometric series
Q1199743 gradient descent
Q173582 gradient gradient (calculus) gradient (calculus)
Q182598 graph of a function graph of a function
Q141488 graph order (graph theory) order (graph theory)
Q131752 greatest common divisor greatest common divisor greatest common divisor
Q217608 group action invariants fixpoint
Q288465 group action orbit (group theory) transitive action
Q17019511 group algebra group algebra
Q1055807 group representation group representation representation theory (group theory)
Q2602722 group ring group ring
Q83478 group group (mathematics) group group (mathematics)
Q1196038 groupoid groupoid groupoid (category theory)
Q510733 grönwall lemma
Q189569 hamel basis basis of a vector space
Q599027 harmonic function
Q326908 hausdorff hausdorff space
Q208826 height
Q765987 heine-Cantor theorem
Q77583424 hermitian inner product
Q620495 hessian matrix hessian matrix hessian (mathematics)
Q1616174 heterogenous algebra
Q3527215 hilbert projection theorem
Q190056 hilbert space hilbert spaces separable hilbert space
Q3139500 holomorph of a group holomorph (mathematics)
Q207476 holomorphic functions holomorphic function holomorphic function
Q202906 homeomorphism homeomorphisms
Q12715503 homology class
Q1144780 homology group homology homology (mathematics)
Q868169 homomorphism of lie groups group morphism
Q14775269 homotopy category homotopy category homotopy category
Q306560 homotopy cofiber mapping cone mapping cone (topology)
Q1626409 homotopy equivalence of paths homotopy equivalence
Q746083 homotopy homotopy null homotopy
Q204034 hyperbolic trigonometric functions hyperbolic tangent
Q2243424 idempotent idempotent (ring theory)
Q5988368 identity component identity component
Q193794 identity matrix identity matrix
Q860623 image preimage
Q848375 implicit function theorem implicit function theorem
Q464118 improper integral
Q625303 independence of random variables
Q1464168 index of a subgroup index of a subgroup
Q17130880 induced topology
Q205140 infinite set infinite set
Q2716519 injective module injective module
Q182003 injective injective function injection (mathematics)
Q1139583 inner automorphism of a group inner automorphism
Q214159 inner product space inner product space
Q23924662 inner product
Q976375 inner regular
Q915985 inscribed angle theorem
Q628792 integral domain integral domain
Q80091 integration (calculus) integrand
Q273328 integration by parts integration by parts
Q862761 interior interior point
Q245098 intermediate value theorem intermediate value theorem
Q185148 interval interval (mathematics)
Q2706744 invariant subspace
Q3984053 inverse Fourier transform fourier inversion theorem
Q338057 inverse element inverse element inverse (ring theory)
Q931001 inverse function theorem inverse function theorem
Q191884 inverse function inverse function
Q17123743 inverse matrix
Q674533 inverse trigonometric functions inverse trigonometric function
Q242188 invertibility inverse matrix
Q2989575 irreducible element of an integral domain irreducible element
Q13690522 irreducible representation irreducible representation irreducible representation reducible representation
Q1142889 isolated point isolated point
Q2297037 isolated singularity
Q740207 isometry
Q189112 isomorphism of group representations isomorphism
Q17098238 isotypic component
Q76564 jacobian (mathematics) jacobian (mathematics)
Q1474543 jacobian determinant
Q506041 jacobian matrix jacobian matrix
Q838495 jordan normal form
Q574844 kernel of group homomorphism kernel (ring theory)
Q192826 kronecker delta kronecker delta
Q833089 lU decomposition gauss decomposition
Q1530791 l^2 square integrable function
Q598870 lagrange multipliers lagrange multiplier
Q203484 laplacian laplace operator
Q425432 laurent series laurent series laurent series
Q9993851 lax-Milgram theorem
Q102761 least common multiple least common multiple
Q516776 lebesgue measurable function measurable function
Q827230 lebesgue measure lebesgue measure lebesgue measure
Q25447455 lebesgue outer measure
Q185813 left identity element identity element identity element
Q44649 left ring ideal ideal (ring theory)
Q394747 leibniz formula
Q3882299 lie algebra homomorphism
Q1136782 lie algebra representation lie algebra representation
Q664495 lie algebra lie algebra lie algebra
Q1322614 limit of a d-shaped diagram continuity (category theory) limit limit (category theory)
Q858223 limit point limit point limit point
Q246639 limits
Q467699 line integral line integral
Q16977077 linear lie algebra
Q207643 linear transformation linear map linear function linear map
Q211981 linearisation theorem
Q111783780 linearly dependent
Q27670 linearly independent linear independence
Q652707 lipschitz functions lipschitz map
Q845060 local extrema extremum
Q4265744 local homology groups
Q91052280 local maximum
Q91052291 local minimum
Q2147620 locally compact group locally compact topological group
Q643300 locally finite cover
Q2136937 locally finite measure
Q16671984 locally path-connected
Q11197 logarithms logarithm logarithm
Q1334417 lorentz group lorentz group
Q305936 lp space lp space p-norm
Q1361393 lusin function
Q1882442 maclaurin series
Q679903 magma unital magma
Q257 mandelbrot set mandelbrot set
Q203920 manifold manifold manifold with boundary
Q11348 map image (set theory)
Q1014869 mapping cylinder mapping cylinder mapping telescope
Q656198 maschke theorem maschke’s theorem
Q1191722 matrix exponential
Q622679 matrix lie group matrix lie group
Q902017 matrix logarithm
Q1049914 matrix multiplication
Q6787889 matrix representation
Q223683 matrix transpose transpose matrix transpose matrix
Q44337 matrix matrix principal submatrix
Q1203540 maximal ring ideal maximal ideal
Q16908484 maximal subgroup maximal subgroup
Q831672 maximal subtree
Q1914255 maximum principle
Q1747745 meager meager set
Q189136 mean value theorem mean value theorem
Q3054889 measurable measurable set
Q3058212 measure space measure space
Q1201815 measure zero
Q379825 member membership relation
Q217616 meromorphic function meromorphic function
Q180953 metric space metric topology
Q630649 metric structure
Q2242730 minimal polynomial (field theory)
Q1163608 minimal polynomial (linear algebra)
Q1341061 minor principal minor
Q1941896 model category simplicial model category
Q215111 module homomorphism homomorphism
Q18848 module over a lie algebra module submodule
Q1451745 moments
Q208237 monoid monoid submonoid
Q1945067 monomorphism regular monomorphism
Q1153584 monotone convergence theorem
Q194404 monotone function monotone function
Q232207 monte-Carlo method
Q1948412 morphism morphism (category theory)
Q1952404 multilinear map
Q98929882 multilinear
Q17099189 multiplicative character
Q2228257 multiplicity (mathematics)
Q4504468 n-chain chain cycle (algebraic topology)
Q21199 natural number natural number
Q1442189 natural transformation natural transformation unnatural isomorphism
Q200227 negative number
Q2478475 neighborhood neighborhood (topology)
Q1749812 newton’s identities newton identities
Q1755242 nilpotent group nilpotent group
Q15148889 nilpotent lie algebra nilpotent lie algebra
Q840023 nilpotent nilpotent element
Q2444982 noetherian module noetherian module
Q582271 noetherian ring noetherian ring
Q3475675 noetherian scheme noetherian scheme
Q1897429 non-archimedean absolute value
Q10533491 non-empty set
Q7049224 noncommutative ring noncommutative algebra
Q97623888 nonmeager
Q956437 norm norm (mathematics) norm (mathematics)
Q7051829 normal scheme normal variety
Q743179 normal subgroup normal subgroup normal group normal subgroup
Q1069099 normal-form game
Q1761121 normalizer of a group
Q726210 normed vector space
Q1991405 nowhere dense nowhere dense set
Q2914509 nullity kernel (linear algebra)
Q11563 number number (mathematics)
Q13366129 odd number
Q41509136 open cover open cover
Q331350 open simplex simplex (mathematics)
Q213363 open open set
Q7098616 opposite category opposite category
Q230664 orbit (mathematics) orbit (mathematics)
Q17859776 orbit
Q589491 order (group theory) order of a group
Q1820515 order (mathematics) order (mathematics)
Q1431456 order (ring theory) order (ring theory)
Q54555759 order of a group element
Q18408315 order of a group
Q465274 ordinary differential equation ordinary differential equation
Q860609 ordinary generating function generating function
Q1477782 orientation of a vector space orientation (mathematics)
Q1137726 oriented edge source (graph theory)
Q52088805 orthogonal algebra
Q1780921 orthogonal complement orthogonal complement
Q1783179 orthogonal group orthogonal group special orthogonal group
Q333871 orthogonal matrix orthogonal matrix
Q215067 orthogonal orthogonality orthogonality
Q2365325 orthonormal bases
Q1411166 orthonormal
Q170475 oscillation
Q258374 outer measure
Q26851733 outer regular
Q2748415 outward pointing orientation (topology)
Q11756524 p-adic integers
Q286972 p-group p-primary group
Q7134470 paradoxical set
Q1443036 parseval theorem parseval’s theorem
Q186475 partial derivative partial derivative partial derivative partial differentiation
Q431617 partial fraction decomposition partial fraction decomposition
Q1756942 partial function partial function
Q1082910 partition of an integer
Q191690 partition of unity partition of unity partition of unity
Q3487687 path-connected
Q1366002 path path (topology)
Q2997817 perfect field perfect field
Q7168101 perfect set perfect space
Q184743 periodic function periodic function
Q161519 permutation permutation
Q2532943 phase portrait
Q1778098 pointwise convergence pointwise convergence
Q2101158 polar decomposition polar decomposition
Q1455652 polynomial ring
Q1632419 pontryagin dual pontrjagin dual
Q1052034 positive definite
Q192276 positive measure measure theory
Q3176558 positive number
Q206925 power series expansion power series power series
Q205170 power set power set
Q1393014 pre-measure
Q240651 prime element of an integral domain prime element
Q863912 prime ideal prime ideals prime ideal
Q49008 prime number prime numbers prime number
Q1143969 principal ideal domain principal ideal domain principal ideal domain
Q44382 principal ideal principal ideal
Q207522 probability density function probability density
Q355020 probability measure
Q919107 product
Q1572094 product measure product measure
Q3406712 product of rings direct product (ring theory)
Q519967 projection projector (linear algebra)
Q942423 projective module projective module
Q7249479 projectivization
Q11538 proof proof (mathematics)
Q978505 pullback along a diffeomorphism pullback pullback (differential geometry)
Q1633079 pushout pushout pushout (category theory)
Q736753 quadratic form quadratic form
Q803531 quadratic integers
Q61040808 quasi-coherent sheaf
Q173853 quaternion algebra quaternion
Q3966112 quotient by equivalence relation
Q1138961 quotient by normal subgroup quotient group quotient group
Q2589508 quotient of lie algebra by ideal
Q1432554 quotient of modules quotient module
Q1139111 quotient of topological spaces quotient space (topology) quotient space (topology)
Q619436 quotient ring quotient ring
Q1393796 quotient vector space quotient space (linear algebra) quotient space (linear algebra)
Q1428097 radius of convergence convergence radius
Q2126650 radon measure radon measure
Q1191319 radon-nikodym derivative radon–nikodym derivative
Q1260803 rank of a finitely generated abelian group
Q656784 rank rank of a matrix rank (linear algebra)
Q1783502 rate of convergence
Q41237 rational functions rational function
Q1244890 rational number rational number
Q12916 real numbers real number real number
Q633815 real projective space real projective plane
Q936434 real symplectic group symplectic lie algebra
Q209 rectangle
Q3038340 rectifiable
Q7306331 reduced homology group reduced homology
Q55631370 refinement refinement (category theory)
Q621850 reflexive reflexive relation
Q714886 regular polygons regular polygon
Q1428110 regular
Q55643339 relative cycle
Q1959911 relative homology groups relative homology
Q830513 residue theorem
Q697181 riemann integrable riemann integration
Q825857 riemann sphere riemann sphere
Q1156903 riemann sums
Q1187640 riemann-Lebesgue lemma
Q1357684 riesz representation theorem riesz representation theorem
Q751969 right coset coset
Q1194212 ring homomorphism
Q110571247 ring norm
Q2064647 ring of subsets
Q161172 ring ring (mathematics) ring ring object
Q17102802 rng rng (mathematics)
Q193286 rolle’s theorem
Q557624 rule of product
Q2360148 rule of sum
Q1155772 scheme scheme (algebraic geometry)
Q1816952 schur’s lemma schur’s lemma
Q1369621 schwartz space schwartz space
Q1363919 second-countable second-countable space
Q6500908 self-adjoint self-adjoint operator
Q7449310 semi-locally simply connected
Q291126 semidirect product semidirect product
Q207348 semigroup semigroup (mathematics)
Q2366896 semisimple lie algebra semisimple lie group
Q1485102 semisimple module semisimple module semisimple ring
Q81376506 semisimple representation of a lie algebra
Q680081 separable metric space separable space
Q2996364 sequence convergence
Q1135427 sequentially compact
Q170198 series series (mathematics)
Q36161 set set (mathematics)
Q595298 sheaf étale space
Q1064405 sign of permutation signature of a permutation
Q298582 signature (mathematics) signature (mathematics)
Q7512811 signature (topology) signature (topology)
Q1764371 signed measure
Q913022 simple function simple function
Q571124 simple group simple group
Q78502771 simple lie algebra
Q956233 simple module simple module
Q994399 simplicial complex simplicial complex simplicial complex
Q7520902 simplicial homology group simplicial homology
Q912058 simply connected simply connected space
Q1095056 singular homology group singular homology
Q1824450 singular measure
Q420904 singular value decomposition
Q2291918 skeleton of a category skeleton (category theory)
Q19619110 small category small category
Q78338964 smooth topological m-dimensional manifold with boundary
Q868473 smooth smooth functions smooth map
Q759832 solvable group solvable group
Q7558992 solvable lie algebra
Q209812 span span (linear algebra)
Q7574831 special linear algebra special linear lie algebra
Q2140900 special linear group special linear group special linear group
Q3117934 special orthogonal group
Q684363 special unitary group special unitary group su(5)
Q1756677 stability (mathematics) stability theory
Q7595717 stability (probability) stability (probability)
Q1528401 stationary set
Q2601117 stirling numbers of the second kind
Q7625098 structure constants
Q629933 subalgebra
Q7631151 subgraph
Q466109 subgroup subgroup (mathematics) subgroup (mathematics)
Q2498094 submodule
Q55648664 subrepresentation subrepresentation
Q660730 subspace topology subspace topology
Q218005 sum sum (mathematics)
Q1136376 support support of a distribution support of a function
Q484298 surface surface surface (topology)
Q229102 surjective surjective function surjection
Q1307987 suspension suspension (topology)
Q78269866 sylow p-subgroup
Q1752621 sylvester’s law of inertia
Q1052674 symmetric algebra symmetric algebra
Q3773126 symmetric derivative
Q1147242 symmetric difference symmetric difference
Q849512 symmetric group symmetric group
Q930499 symmetric polynomials
Q55643402 symmetric power of group representations
Q621461 symmetric symmetric relation
Q909601 tangent space tangent space
Q131187 taylor series taylor series taylor series
Q2296021 tensor algebra tensor ring
Q48995828 tensor product of group representations tensor product of representations
Q1163016 tensor product of vector spaces tensor product tensor product of vector spaces
Q21998744 term algebra
Q214856 tiling tesselation
Q10260753 topological field
Q7825035 topological game
Q1046291 topological group topological group
Q922339 topological ring topological ring
Q179899 topological space topological space topological space
Q7827200 torsion free module torsion-free module
Q2293759 torsion subgroup torsion subgroup
Q1936288 total variation
Q1362228 totally bounded totally bounded space
Q1544261 totally disconnected totally disconnected space
Q321102 trace trace trace (linear algebra)
Q671944 transitive set transitive set
Q64861 transitive transitive relation
Q2666112 transposition
Q272735 tree tree (graph theory)
Q7840150 triangulated category triangulated functor
Q93344 trigonometric functions trigonometric function
Q36248 triple product
Q7844662 trivial group representation trivial representation
Q1128796 uncountable set
Q1411887 uniform convergence uniform convergence
Q16862633 uniform law
Q741865 uniformly continuous uniformly continuous functions
Q1052579 unique factorization domain unique factorization domain
Q118084 unit of a ring unit (ring theory)
Q929536 unital subring subring
Q1500617 unitary group unitary group unitary group
Q727103 unitary matrix unitary matrix
Q2495534 unitary transformation
Q4475749 universal covering space
Q1673406 universal enveloping algebra universal enveloping algebra
Q50701 variable variable (mathematics)
Q125977 vector space vector space vector space vector space
Q728435 vector subspace vector subspace subspace (linear algebra)
Q3229352 vitali covering
Q39297 volume of a rectifiable set volume volume (mathematics)
Q20850777 weak convergence
Q7977932 weak hausdorff
Q207952 weak law of large numbers
Q1781358 wedge sum wedge sum
Q72535212 weight space
Q768074 weyl group weyl group
Q35059 width width
Q576728 winding number winding number
Q828111 zero divisor zero-divisor
Q217357 σ-algebra sigma-algebras sigma-algebra